Prayer of Lífsvernd (in English)

Members pray the following prayer daily for unborn children:

Prayer for ending of abortion

Heavenly Father,
We pray for the unborn babies
scheduled to die this week through abortion.
Save them from death.
Give new hope to their parents,
that they will turn away from this desperate act.
Grant conversion to the abortionists.
Show us how to respond to the bloodshed in our midst.
We make this prayer through Jesus your Son.

What we believe

Basic Priciple

We believe that unborn children have an inalienable right to life from conception and absolutely no circumstances can justify direct abortion.

What we do

We wear a pin called “Precious Feet” which is the real size and real shape of the feet of a 10 week old fetus. With this pin we want to show how well developed these little babies are, and we hope that some of the people who see this will realize that a fetus is a baby. By wearing these pins we are saying, in a quiet way, that we are pro-life.

Laws of the association LÍFSVERND

To become a member



or contact:

Father Denis in Mariukirkja

 Phone: 557-7420


Garðhúsum 30,
112 Reykjavík.
Phone: 586-1211
Ábyrgðarmaður: Magnús Ingi Sigmundsson

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