Pregnant? Think Adoption instead of Abortion!

All Babies Are A Blessing From Heaven ! ! !

Do you feel like you want to run away?  Have you always been careful to plan out your life? Is this an unplanned pregnancy?  Do you cry for hours thinking you can’t cry anymore, then start all over again?  Do you feel frightened or alone, like this is some kind of bad dream, and you want these feelings to go away?  

Have you considered choosing a couple who could love and care for your baby, and give your baby a stable life with opportunities perhaps better than you have had yourself?  Do you need assistance in getting to and from the doctor, counseling, or help with your monthly expenses?   Would you like someone to provide maternity clothes and food?  Do you need a place to stay?  These are all reasons why adoption works for many birthmothers who are experiencing the same type of situation that you have found yourself in.  You may simply be pregnant at the wrong time. 

All Children are gifts from God.  Moses was the first child mentioned in the Bible to be adopted, and raised by the Pharaoh’s Daughter.   Many loving couples could never have a child if it were not for unselfish birth mothers like yourself.  I say unselfish because you are unselfish.  Carrying a baby nine months for someone else takes a great deal of love and self-sacrifice; not only love for yourself and love for the baby, but also demonstrates a true value for life.

  There is a way to find peace by taking responsibility and making the right decision.

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