10 Healthy and Viable Fetuses Aborted in Late-Term Abortions in Norway

a 5 months old fetus inside the womb

The midwives and the administrators of the Norwegian state hospital in Oslo declared last year that they feared illegal abortions had been performed at the hospital.

The case was brought before the Norwegian National Medical Office (the surgeon general), which said the Review Board, which makes the decisions about late-term abortions, had given permission for 10 illegal abortions.

Norwegian State TV(NRK) talked about the case and said that the midwives had been forced to participate in all the abortions for which the Review Board had given permission. The midwives, however, disagreed with many of the Review Board’s decisions.

In the online edition of this NRK news-item, it was said that sometimes the fetuses which the midwives were forced to abort were the same size as premature babies whom the hospital tries with all its power to save. In some cases, their hearts were still beating 45 to 90 minutes after they were removed from the womb.

In May of last year, the midwives declared that they had aborted a healthy six-month-old fetus. They demanded that this be the last time they would be forced to perform such an abortion.

The superiors of the midwives feared that in these instances, the hospital had broken the law.

Seven months after the midwives first went public, 54 of them signed a letter which was sent to the Norwegian royal family, to the Ministry of Health, and to the Norwegian National Medical Office, which came to the conclusion that the Review Board had misinterpreted the law.

source: mbl.is

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