The laws of the Lífsvernd association

1. The name of the Association is LÍFSVERND. Lífsvernd is a Roman Catholic Pro-Life organisation. Both Catholics and non Catholics are welcome to join LÍFSVERND.

2. The aim of the Association is to promote that the right to life will be highly esteemed from conception to natural death. Special emphasis is placed on the ending of all abortions.

3. The Association intends to achieve its aim

  • by regular prayer,
  • by highlighting the threats to every stage of life, especially to the unborn, the infirm and the elderly,
  • by encouraging politicians to change the laws in order to give greater protection to life at all stages.

4. The board of the Association shall consist of minimum of 3 elected members, that is: President, Secretary, Treasurer; plus a Spiritual Director who must be a Catholic Priest.

  • These 3 elected board members are voted in for a one-year period at the Annual General Meeting.
  • There is also a Vice President, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer who may be appointed by the Spiritual Director, at any time.
  • Other board members may be up to 5 and are also appointed by the Spiritual Director, at any time; giving a maximum total of 12 board members.
  • The board shall meet at least four times each year or when the President calls a meeting.
  • The daily management of the Association is in the hands of the President.

5. At the Annual General Meeting the board shall explain the results of the previous year.

    • Only members who have paid the annual fee can cast votes at the Annual General Meeting.
    • The Annual General Meeting shall be announced at least 3 weeks in advance and shall communicate any proposed changes in the laws of the Association to the members.


6. The annual fee is 1000 kr. and can be collected at the Annual General Meeting or with a bank giro.
7. The profit of the Association shall be used to assist in helping the Association reach its aim.

8. Any decision of ending the Association will be taken at an Annual General Meeting with the votes of two thirds of the incoming board members, in which case all assets of the Association will go to the Catholic Church in Iceland.

9. Our Basic Principle is: Members believe that unborn children have an inalienable right to life from conception to natural death and absolutely no circumstances can justify direct abortion. Those who agree to this Basic Principle can become members in the Association if the board accepts their membership.

10. The death of an unborn child caused by a medical procedure, which is not directed towards the child it self is not considered direct abortion. This applies for example in the removal of the fallopian tube in the case of ectopic pregnancy.

11. Members may not publicly declare opinions that are opposed to our Basic Principle. A person who does this will automatically cease to be a member in the Association.

12. It is not permitted to declare views in the name of the Association which are opposed to any of the teachings of the Catholic Church or encourage that any of the rules of the Church in moral issues should be broken. This applies for example in the use of artificial contraception.

13. Other Pro-Life Associations shall be shown support and encouragement even if they do not agree with the Basic Principle of LÍFSVERND.

14. All changes in law that limit abortions are welcomed, even if they do not fully match the aim of Lífsvernd. However, LÍFSVERND must not make such half measures it´s aim. Our aim must always be the ending of all abortions.

15. Members are encouraged to always wear the lapel pin called “The Precious Feet” which is an international symbol for Pro-Life organisations. Members are also encouraged to say following prayer daily:

Heavenly Father,
We pray for the unborn babies
scheduled to die this week through abortion.
Save them from death.
Give new hope to their parents,
that they will turn away from this desperate act.
Grant conversion to the abortionists.
Show us how to respond to the bloodshed in our midst.
We make this prayer through Jesus your Son. Amen.

16. The above laws of LÍFSVERND have received the approval of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese in Iceland. He must approve all changes in these laws before they can take effect.

17. These laws have been approved by the founding meeting of LÍFSVERND, held in Maríukirkja parish hall, Raufarsel 8, Reykjavík, on 23rd of April, 2004, and approved by Bishop Jóhannes Mattías Gijsen on 24th of April, 2004.

Changes and additions to these laws were approved at the Annual General Meeting of Lífsvernd on March 3, 2008.

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